River Dolphin Ranger Program

River Dolphin
Ranger Program

Ecosystem Bumi joins forces with Yayasan Konservasi RASI and the local government to protect the Mahakam River dolphin through a River Dolphin Ranger Program located in the heart of the Mahakam River, Borneo, Indonesia.

RASI, founded in 2000, has been working to prevent habitat loss and extinction of important aquatic-dependent species in the Mahakam River, lakes, and wetlands area. Their work and research have been crucial for the survival of the endangered Mahakam River dolphins.

Our aim with this collaboration is to conserve the river dolphins and their habitat, safeguarding the ecological integrity of the Mahakam River and ensuring the well-being of both wildlife and human communities dependent on it.


Why is it important?

The river dolphins in the Mahakam River in Indonesia face numerous threats to their survival, including habitat degradation, pollution, illegal fishing practices, and accidental entanglement in fishing gear. As a result, their population is declining rapidly, putting them at risk of extinction. Protecting these river dolphins is crucial not only for preserving biodiversity but also for maintaining the health of the river ecosystem. River dolphins play a vital role in indicating the overall health of the river, acting as indicators of water quality and ecosystem balance. Additionally, they are culturally significant to local communities and contribute to ecotourism, supporting livelihoods and economic activities.

Rangers Activities
  • Conduct patrols twice weekly, day and night, utilizing GPS-tracker app, logbook, and photos to record dolphin locations, newborn calves, illegal fishing, and captured protected species.

  • Inspect gillnets for underwater acoustic deterrents known as ‘pingers’ that deter dolphins c. 10m away from nets; if absent, offer fishermen the option to use one; if nets are dangerously placed, rangers remove or replace them.

  • Promptly report and respond to urgent situations such as trapped, entangled, or dead dolphins, and illegal fishing involving multiple boats.

Meet The Rangers

Meet The Rangers

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